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I have PNH, PNH doesn’t have me

I procrastinated my way through undergrad and grad school, and so it was no surprise that the marathon is days away and I am still struggling with what I could contribute to the team’s blog.  I texted my partner Dan to … Continue reading

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Running on Stories (Mental Taper, Part 2)

For better or for worse, running is a meditative sport. I say “for better” because there are few activities as good as running to help you untangle your own thoughts. I’ve written articles and presentations on runs; I’ve solved work … Continue reading

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We Own The Finish Line

Today was not just another Tuesday. It started at 5am when I woke up to the news on TV live from the Boston Marathon finish line. As the news anchors reviewed today’s planned ceremonies for the first anniversary of the … Continue reading

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Remembering this day last year, How time moves very quickly.

As i sit here (in Waterford,Ireland) on a quiet Tuesday night, I remember this time last year which was quite the opposite. I was luck enough to finish he marathon and was back at my hotel when terror struck at 2:50 local … Continue reading

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April 15, 2014 – A reflection and why we are running together

It was 1 year ago, today, on April 15, 2013 that the lives of so many people were dramatically changed forever. In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing 4 people had lost their lives, and many others were seriously … Continue reading

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Top 5 Songs on My Boston Marathon Playlist (Mental Taper, Part 1)

During the last 2-3 weeks before the marathon, there’s not much we runners can do to improve our physical readiness for the big day. We need to run the optimal amount, neither too much nor too little, to ensure we’re … Continue reading

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Tapering, Butterflies and Phantom Pains – What fun….. (edited repost from 2011)

It’s about a two weeks before race day and all of the team members are completing their first week of tapering.  One would think that getting more rest and running less miles would make a runner feel great.  The truth is tapering isn’t … Continue reading

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Jessi’s run, Ben’s Dream; our Day – MPS Awareness

This gallery contains 5 photos.

I first met the Siedman Family in May 2007, while in MA for a MPS I patient panel at Genzyme. After the MPS I Awareness day events in 2007 I, went and stayed with Jenn and her family for a … Continue reading

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My Boston Marathon Goal: Let’s make it a Personal Best…But not a PR!

On April 21, I will be running my 8th Boston Marathon and my 17th marathon overall. I started in 2007, the year of the nor’easter that had the press asking if it could possibly be canceled due to the heavy … Continue reading

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Tune in and Turn it Up……

Now is the time for GRT to turn up the mileage and tune in to how our bodies feel as we approach taper week. Long distant running for many, including myself, is a meditative act. When I run I think; … Continue reading

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